No Gym, No Internet (WHAT!!), No Problem



Sometimes it’s nice to go old school with workouts.  Before yoga and Pilates became popular, and before CrossFit and Soul Cycle even existed (How old ARE you, bro?), there were good ol’ pushups and sit-ups.  Every so often, I do a morning routine consisting of pushups, sit-ups and body weight squats.  Not fancy, but does the job.  I generally do 25-30 reps of each exercise for 1 circuit, and do 3-4 circuits.  Mix it up by doing variations of each exercise in each circuit (click on exercise for demonstrations).  For example:

Circuit 1 Circuit 2 Circuit 3
25 Pushups 25 Raised Leg Pushups 25 Diamond Pushups
25 Crunches 25 Leg Raises 25 Jackknifes
25 Squats 25 Jump Squats Wall Sit (30-60 Seconds)

(No rest in between exercises, with 30 second rests between circuits)
If you want a little extra cardio after that, go outside for a nice run, preferably somewhere with a bunch of hills.



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