Beach Muscle (Chest and Abs) Workout

With as night and day as the weather has been, it’s easy to forget that summer is just around the corner.  That (hopefully) means plenty of sun and beach time.  This workout I threw together will help you get a little closer to where you’d like to be once the warm weather is finally here to stay (well for a couple months, anyway).  We start with a cardio warm up from our friends at Fitness Blender, and then blast the core with Mike Chang (Six Pack Shortcuts).

Quick Sweat Cardio Burst

Bodyweight 250 Rep Chest Workout

Don’t be ashamed to modify this workout (like I did) by doing different pushup variations or less reps.  3 sets each of 3 different kinds of pushups should do the job.  Mike Chang is a beast and not everyone can plow through this routine like he does.

Brutal Cardio Ab Routine

You should be totally spent now.  Go make a smoothie :).



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