You Can’t Do That To Oatmeal!!

Just for the hell of it I decided to add kale to my oatmeal smoothie today.  While it had pretty much zero effect on the taste, it did manage to turn my oatmeal a shade of green reminiscent of the slime they used to dump on people on Nickelodeon’s “You Can’t Do That On Television.”  The kale may not have effected the taste, but the apples and sunflower seed butter definitely hooked it up.


1 Cup Kale

1 Sliced Apple

1 Tablespoon Sunflower Seed Butter

1/4 Cup Steel Cut Organic Oats

1 Cup Vanilla Almond Milk

Food Key

– Kale: vitamins, A, B6 &C, potassium, copper, folic acid, calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and zinc (MEGA-STACKED!!)

– Apples: potassium, vitamin C and pectin (helps control cholesterol and blood sugar)

– Sunflower Seed Butter: vitamin E and iron

– Oats: fiber and protein


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