Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

Here is a great smoothie from Shine On Be.U.tiful that is perfect for these hot summer days.

Shine On Beautiful

Peanut butter. One of my favorite foods in the entire world. In fact, I really enjoy all nut butters (especially almond butter!).

Peanut butter was ALWAYS a “bad” food when I was stuck in my eating disorder. I wasn’t allowed to have it, according to Anamia (screw her, right!).

Recovery showed me that, first of all, Anamia is a psycho crazy bitch who has no say in what I eat, think, or feel. She is a monster. But secondly, recovery also taught me about quality versus quantity. I’m sure many people struggling would agree that they would rather eat a bowl full of bland celery than have a spoonful of rich tasty peanut butter (I’m not trying to diss celery). Why? Because the peanut butter is high in calories and 20140514-154138.jpgfats and when someone struggles with an eating disorder that’s all they choose to focus on.

BUT, which one is…

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