Aloha Pineapple Smoothie

This smoothie reminds me of one of my favorite places on earth, Hawaii.  Nothing beats actually being there, but drinking this can at least bring your mind and taste buds there.  Aloha.


(Makes 2 Smoothies)

1 Cup Chooped, Frozen Pineapple

2 Cups Chopped Kale

2 Bananas

1 Handful Raw Almonds

2 Cups Coconut Water

Food Key

– Pineapples: vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and folic acid

– Kale: vitamins, A, B6 &C, potassium, copper, folic acid, calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and zinc (MEGA-STACKED!!)

– Bananas: vitamin B6 and potassium

– Raw Almonds: magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, copper, niacin and zinc (STACKED!!)

– Coconut Water: improves digestion and metabolism, supports immune system