Acai Super Smoothie & Power Yoga Workout

The term “Superfood” gets thrown around a lot, but the acai berry is truly deserving of the label.  It has numerous health benefits that will be listed in the Food Key below, but there are a lot of products out there looking to capitalize on the hype surrounding acai berries.  Don’t get conned into thinking that acai is some kind of weight loss miracle.  Acai berries are good for your overall health, but if you want to burn fat, just keep coming back to The Smoothie Operator, and get your fitness on with any of the various workouts I share.  Now on to more important things…here’s the recipe!

PhotoGrid_14413052270471 Acai Berry Superfruit Pack (Available at Whole Foods and other dope grocers)

1 Banana

1/2 Cup Blueberries

1 Tablespoon Natural Peanut Butter

1 Tablespoon Raw Sunflower Seeds

1 Cup Almond Milk


– Acai Berries: vitamins A, B(1,2,3), C & E, calcium, magnesium, zinc copper, fiber, amino acids and is LOADED with Antioxidants!

– Bananas: vitamin B6 and potassium

– Blueberries: vitamins K & C, manganese, fiber and copper

– Peanut Butter: protein, potassium, fiber, vitamins E & B6, and magnesium

– Sunflower Seeds: vitamins B(1,3,6) and E, copper, selenium, phosphorus, folate and magnesium

Power Yoga Workout w/ Sean Vigue

This yoga routine from YouTube Fitness Boss Sean Vigue is great for building strength, improving balance and increasing flexibility.  Do it.



Banana Pear & Kale Smoothie + All Everything 15 Minute Body Weight Workout


1 Banana

1 Organic Pear

1 Cup Organic Kale

1 Tablespoon Organic Steel Cut Oats

1 Tablespoon Raw Sunflower Seeds

1 Tablespoon Powdered Peanut Butter

1 Cup Coconut Milk


– Bananas: vitamin B6 and potassium

– Pears: fiber, potassium and copper

– Kale: vitamins, A, B6 &C, potassium, copper, folic acid, calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and zinc (MEGA-STACKED!!)

– Oats: fiber and protein

– Sunflower Seeds: vitamins B(1,3,6) and E, copper, selenium, phosphorus, folate and magnesium

– Powdered Peanut Butter: protein, fiber and potassium

– Coconut milk: vitamins B(1,3,5,6), C & E, iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and is lactose free


I put this workout together last week and I’m not gonna lie…it’s awesome.  It hits the entire body, with extra attention to the abs (because summer), and only takes 15 minutes.  Do each exercise listed below for 1 minute straight, resting 15 seconds between each exercise.  Do each exercise at the highest intensity you can muster for maximum cardio.

1. Jumping Jacks

2. Dragon Flags (click here for demo). These are brutal, so I did them early to get them out of the way.

3. Sliding leg curls. (click here for demo)

4. Burpees

5. Bicycle Crunches

6. Levitation Squat (click here for demo and go to 3:22 mark)

7. Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (click here for demo)

8. Extended Arm Push-ups (click here for demo)

9. Sliding Jackknifes (click here for demo)

10. Running in place (click here for demo)

11. Dive Bomber Push-ups (click here for demo)

12. Jumping Mule Kicks  (click here for demo)

A few of these exercises are kinda nuts, so if you can’t do one, substitute a similar exercise you can do for a minute straight.  The goal is to get a great, quick workout, not kill yourself.