All That Green Smoothie & Yoga Practice

Today’s smoothie is all green and all good.  Great way to start your day and get you going.

Smoothie Green

1 Cup Organic Kale

1 Cup Chopped Organic Celery

1 Green Apple

1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds

1 Inch Piece of Organic Ginger

1 Cup Coconut Water


– Kale: vitamins, A, B6 &C, potassium, copper, folic acid, calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and zinc (MEGA-STACKED!!)

– Celery: potassium, folic acid and vitamins C & B6

– Apples: potassium, vitamin C and pectin (helps control cholesterol and blood sugar)

– Chia Seeds: omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium

– Ginger: stimulates digestion, combats flatulence (NICE!) and is effective against colds 

– Coconut Water: improves digestion and metabolism, supports immune system

For today’s quick workout, I went with old favorite.  This is the first yoga routine I ever tried from Sadie Nardini, a/k/a the Rock Star of Yoga.  It’s not only a great full body practice, but is also only about 15 minutes.  Seems short, but you really feel it everywhere when you are done.

Slim PB Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Smoothie plus Yoga For Weightlifters

Today’s smoothie once again features the Slim Powdered Peanut Butter Mrs. Smoothie Operator found for me on Vitacost.  I pretty much put this sh!+ on everything.  The powdered peanut butter takes one of my favorite oatmeal smoothies, apples & cinnamon, to the next level of deliciousness (without taking it to the next level of fatness).  Enjoy!

Smoothie - Apple Cinn PB

 1 Apple

1 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon

2 Tablespoons SLIM Powdered Peanut Butter

1 Handful Brazil Nuts

1/4 Cup Steel Cut Organic Oats

1 Cup Vanilla Almond Milk

Food Key

– Apples: potassium, vitamin C and pectin (helps control cholesterol and blood sugar)

– Cinnamon: fiber, calcium, good for digestion

– Powdered Peanut Butter: protein, fiber and potassium

– Brazil Nuts: magnesium, potassium and zinc

– Oats: fiber and protein

It’s been a while since I posted any workout videos, but I felt compelled to share this great yoga routine from Ali Kamenova.  I had been doing HIIT routines continuously all summer and my body had gotten pretty tight, not to mention fatigued.  I felt like a good yoga practice would help get me right and I couldn’t have asked for a better one than this Yoga for Bodybuilders/Weightlifters routine.  After all the pushups and burpees and jackknife crunches, this was just what  the doctor ordered.

Doga (doh- guh), Ashtanga Practice

This morning I had a very special partner for my yoga practice – my dog, Oppa.


Today I went with a beginner Ashtanga Yoga class from Lesley Fightmaster.

I was reading up on the various types of yoga out there and Ashtanga sounded right up my alley based on my goals:

Ashtanga yoga metaphorically focuses on eight limbs. Considered a form of power yoga, Ashtanga is fast-paced and intense with lunges and push-ups.

  • Purpose: To help improve one’s spiritual self
  • Benefits: Relieves stress, improves coordination, and helps with weight loss
  • Good for: Fit people looking to maintain strength and stamina, and those who want to get in touch with their spiritual side has a great breakdown of 5 common styles of yoga which you can find here.

I found this practice pretty challenging since parts of me were a lot tighter than I realized.  I’ve decided to rock this practice out every other day until I can nail every pose just as Lesley does in the video.  Oppa is a natural and was breezing through the whole routine, taunting me the whole time.  I would have been upset, but how can you get mad at this face?


Back 2 Back Back Routines

The amount of back and neck injuries I’ve sustained is actually quite staggering when I think about it.  Herniated disk in lower back, hit by car crossing street (3X), injured back lifting weights, fractured neck training jiu-jitsu…it’s a wonder I’m allowed to even leave the house.  Due to all these disasters, I’ve tried just about every back strengthening exercise there to try to keep myself right.  These two videos implement some of the better back exercises I’ve come across as well as some I’ve never tried before.  The first, from Tyler McCoy is a straight yoga practice for increasing back strength.  The second, from Ali Kamenova, is a yoga-based bodyweight exercise routine designed for back injury rehab.  Do them back 2 back (pun intended) for a low impact, yet still challenging workout.

Yoga for a Strong Back with Tyler McCoy

Back Injury Rehab Yoga Workout From Ali Kamenova



Sean Vigue Core Workout & Yoga for Athletes Routine

Double Feature Week continues with 2 great routines from Mr. “Plank or Die” himself, Sean Vigue.  The first routine is a great core workout that starts slowly and picks up the intensity towards the end.  The second video is one of the more advanced yoga routines I’ve tried from him.  Nothing crazy, but he definitely turns it up a notch from the previous yoga practices he’s posted on his YouTube channel.

Sean Vigue’s Ripped & Sexy Core Workout

Athletic Yoga Workout

For today’s smoothie, I went for a old favorite, my Peanut Butter Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Smoothie (click for recipe).  Enjoy!

Tyler McCoy Yoga Double Feature & Grapefruit Beet Smoothie

Today I bring you another Yoga Double-Feature, this time from Tyler McCoy.  I checked out Tyler’s YouTube page based on the advice of a neighbor and I owe her a thank you.  From all the different exercises, accidents, running and martial arts I’ve done over the years, my hips and back are tight pretty much all the time.  Anyone with lower back issue knows what I’m talking about.  This first routine focuses on loosening up the hips, and I felt a noticeable difference after the first time I tried it.  The second routine is a little advanced in parts (if you aren’t Plastic Man), so you may have modify or just sit and watch like I did.  Don’t sweat it, though, just try to get a little deeper next the next time you do the routine. 🙂

Yoga for Tight Hips with Tyler McCoy

Yoga Power Shoulders Workout with Tyler McCoy

Follow this yoga workout with a refreshing Grapefruit Beet Smoothie.


1 Cup Chopped Beets

1 Grapefruit

1 Inch Piece of Ginger

1 Cup Water

Food Key

– Beets: potassium, vitamins A, B6 & C, magnesium, riboflavin, iron, copper, calcium, thiamine, folic acid, zinc and niacin (SUPER!!)

– Grapefruits: vitamins C, B1, B5 & A, lycopene, fiber, copper, potassium and biotin (STACKED!!)

– Ginger: stimulates digestion, combats flatulence (NICE!) and is effective against colds

Sadie Nardini Yoga Wake Up Double Feature & Apple Ginger Eye-Opener Smoothie

Here’s a Yoga Double Feature from my favorite YouTube Yogi and fellow Brooklynite, Sadie Nardini.  I did a bunch of HIIT and high impact training last week, so I thought all-yoga workout would do my body good.  These two practices are great by themselves and even better, in my opinion, when done back to back.  A perfect way to start your day.

Sadie’s Badass 30 Minute Energy Yoga Flow

20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout

Follow that great yoga practice with an eye-opening apple ginger smoothie.



(Makes 2 Smoothies)

1 Sliced Apple

1 Cup Carrots

1/2 Cup Sliced Cucumber

1 Inch Piece of Ginger

1 Cup Orange Juice

1 Cup Water

Food Key

– Apples: potassium, vitamin C and pectin (helps control cholesterol and blood sugar)

– Carrots: vitamins A & B6, folic acid and magnesium

– Cucumber: vitamins K, C ,B1 & B5, copper, potassium, magnesium & biotin

– Ginger: stimulates digestion, combats flatulence (NICE!) and is effective against colds

– Orange Juice: vitamins C  & B6, potassium, folic acid, calcium and thiamine